As a product designer I have always had a keen interest in all things creative. I started my own 3D rendering studio at age twenty-five and proceeded to work with various studios throughout the world.
I spent the last six years working in an Interior Design studio in Milan, and was recently given the opportunity to personally design three architectural projects. I’ve also worked on various music and video editing projects, several involving 3D animation. I was born in Belgium, and raised in Bolivia, Morocco, Argentina and Uruguay.
This particular childhood gave me a multi-faceted view of the world, and an open and flexible mindset when approaching new endeavors. This has come in very handy when working in Industrial Design, as my particular way of approaching projects and coming up with new ideas and solutions has proved to be quite helpful and unique.
I was handpicked by Alejandro Sarmiento to participate in Contenido Neto, a project in which we created new products from used PET bottles. I have worked as a team member with big 3D crews in FlamingCGI, have been in charge of managing a five person workforce as a project manager for Panorama01, and had the chance to design a yogurt label that has raised the brand’s sales in Buenos Aires.